What is Baltic Amber?


Thales discovered that amber attracts light bodies when rubbed gently, as amber has electrostatic properties. The Greek word for amber, àlektron, is the origin to electron and electricity.

Amber boosts circulation, calms fevers and infections, alleviates asthma crises and congested respiratory tracts. It also works against stress and depression, improves sight in general and alleviates discomfort caused by teething in babies.

 It’s a common practice in France, Germany and other European countries to give a newborn an amber necklace to help them get stronger, foster a more tranquil sleep, facilitate teeth growth and avoid skin rashes.

Amber is a fossilized softwood resin. It’s also extremely rare in the Mediterranean and was very sought-after in Classical Antiquity populations. In addition to its translucent quality which bears a close resemblance to a gem, it has always been attributed magical and curative powers.

Since the Bronze age, Egyptians and Greeks brought amber from the Black and Baltic seas. Upon discovery, it was found that King Tut’s burial chamber presented several objects made from Baltic amber. Known as the Northern Gold, amber has always been featured in jewelry, especially for children, as they were given necklaces, pendants and bracelets to strengthen them and protect them from illnesses.

When in contact with the body heat, the necklace emits highly potent essential oils which relax your baby, help them get a more tranquil sleep, regulates their appetite and harmonizes their chakras. This is why it’s called the Magic Necklace.

Not only does amber benefit babies, but grown children and adults as well. It’s also advisable for pregnant women to wear amber, as its relaxing properties help to find a perfect balance between your body and your future baby. Amber destined for baby necklaces should never be heated or chemically treated. Baltic World guarantees its amber used in all their jewelry has never been heated, pressed or treated chemically or handled in any other way than polishing. Forget about the discomforts caused by teething and relax your child with an amber necklace.


Energetic properties: its golden yellow color is closely related to the energy of the sun and it helps to fill the body with energy and vitality, alleviating pain and illness. It fosters good health and eliminates stress while giving strength and stability to body and mind.


Stimulating properties: It helps to clear and ease the mind and stimulates intelectual activity. It’s a great antidepressant, as it fosters mental positivity.


Cleansing properties: Its energetic power is so high it can clean and heal the chakras. Its golden yellow color is linked to the solar plexus chakra, which is located above the stomach. As a result, amber helps in anything related to digestive problems.


Healing energizing, stimulating and revitalizing properties are also noted when wearing cosmetic products containing amber. It acts as an antioxidant that oxygenates and decongests the skin, while highlighting it.