Amber: ideal for adults and kids.. you will feel wellness in general, detoxifies the body, provides relief from stress, relieves arthritis pain, relaxes the body, improves breathing and circulation. Improves the skin, help with deprecion problems, anxiety, migraine, teething, asthma, allergies, eczema, renal colics, works as an amulet, stress, hormonal balance, liver or bile, urinary tract infections, heart exhaustion, shortness of breath, fear and promote happiness , also help the body to oxygenates the cells.
Amethyst: the properties of this quartz strengthens a woman’s most feminine features, making her feel complete as a partner, as a person, as a mother and daughter. In addition to helping overcome your fears and stabilizing your emotional side, it also reduces muscular pains like shoulder heaviness, it helps hormone production and even helps relieve menstrual cramps. It helps to feel reinvigorated, confident in the decision-making and to boost self-esteem. It also lowers jealousy and boosts sexual libido. Other benefits include intelligence and nervous system stimulation.

Lapis lazuli: it helps unblock emotions, releases intuition, fortifies the immune system, heals sore throats and eases headaches. It’s also an antidepressant and bears important properties that nurtures scar-tissue formation. It’s a purifier and curative agent. It helps with the thyroid, pharynx, esophagus, lymph, thymus and pituitary glands, the heart and the parasympathetic nervous system. It helps eliminate gallstones, reduces insomnia, avoids abortions and all sort of calamities. Additionally, it boosts concentration and reduces hyperactivity.

Rose quartz: It’s a beneficial influence on all the chakras and it helps with kidney conditions. It also has tranquilizing, soothing and harmonizing properties. It brings down the barriers of the prejudice defenses so the inner self can flourish. It helps to heal multiple sclerosis. It’s relaxing and it counterbalances irritability, it alleviates heartbreak and stimulates self-love. It releases repressed emotions, it relaxes the nervous system and it helps fight anxiety. It purifies and heals.

Turquoise: this stone is famous for being an impressive all-round healer for both physical disease and emotional problems. It’s known as a protection and communication stone on all levels. It’s in sync with the thymus gland, which is located in the upper chest, between the heart and the throat, and it produces T lymphocytes —white blood cells which fight infections and destroy abnormal cells—. It’s an important immune system organ. This is the reason why it affects the whole body. It enhances nutriment uptake and helps improve skin when it suffers from allergies.

Red onyx: it favors meditation and balances bipolarity. It improves the sight and sexual energy, strengthens the bones and hair. It reduces worries and develops authenticity, self-accepting, sincerity, relaxation, healthy ambition and hopes. It fights anxiety and hyper excitement, hypochondria, digestive distress, hyperacidity, convulsions, epilepsy and ocular illnesses. It brings joy, empathy, personal charm and seduction.

Aventurine: it absorbs negative energies and neutralizes emotions and imbalances. It produces calm, serenity and stability, it promotes peace and harmony in your home. It alleviates skin problems and protects against cavities, toothaches and gum problems. Its properties boost compassion and relaxation, and it fights sleeping problems. It’s a concentration enhancer and it helps people who suffer from stress, nerves and deterioration due to excessive work. It reduces cholesterol and prevents arteriosclerosis and heart attacks. It promotes prosperity and harmony in the household.

Chrysocolla: it expels negative energy and helps to better adjust to changes. It stabilizes and heals the household and personal interactions. It deals with grief, boosts motivation and inspires creativity. It reduces mental tension and helps to keep a cool head. It helps to treat arthritis and bone conditions. Its properties work to detox the liver, kidneys and intestines. It heals the digestive tract, ulcers and strengthens the thyroid. It also benefits metabolism.

Multicolor Necklace